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Proud of our upholstery cleaning feedback

We are proud of the comments we recieve after upholstery cleaning, you can read some of their comments below. We select the cleaning process dependent on firstly the fabric, then the cleaning solution best suited to tackle the soiling, then we rinse away the cleaning agent and the soiling it has absorbed. The final step is fast drying so you can use your sofa or chairs as soon as possible.

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The cleaning system for your upholstery

We see many types of upholstery, some fabrics are tough and easily cleaned, others are delicate and need cleaning with care and still others are dry clean only. To get the best cleaning we need the right cleaning agent, but to prevent damage we must also use the right system and the right machine. That way you can relax knowing that your sofa is getting the best clean possible.

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Free viewing before cleaning

Just as with carpet cleaning viewing before cleaning is recommended. Your upholstery may have a mark that needs treating first, or have a dry clean only fabric. Having seen the item first I can bring the needed cleaning agents and equipment and you can point out marks you are worried about. Of course there isn’t a charge for viewing and pricing so why not call and book your appointment today.

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